Streamline your ecommerce operations

Bring connects to your store in seconds, with no extra workarounds or plugins. All of your data is always in sync: orders, product data, inventory, tracking and more.

We have the fulfillment basics covered. After we have received your goods we’ll take care of the rest!

Fulfillment Services

To a store, and your customer's door

Whether you’re replenishing multiple retail stores, delivering to your customer’s door, or preparing for a product launch, we have you covered

Delivering your products has never been easier. 

Warehouse Storage

Certified Warehouses across the United States

Whether it’s 10 or 10000 pieces, we can help you store and manage your inventory in one of our warehouses.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help arrange transportation.


Bring is built for enterprise level companies and brands. We can configure and integrate with your back end systems to make the process more efficient for all teams.


From your first customer to your first million. Only Bring offers the scale to help you grow your business. We have packages to accommodate your growing business.

Small / Mid Sized Business

Seamlessly store, manage and fulfill your entire inventory with Bring. We can work with your online orders as well as your brick and mortar retail locations.


We offer services for companies who need advanced inventory management & order fulfillment for wholesalers & distributors. We can handle the volume and work within your network to scale.

Covid-19 Relief

Our Response to Assist With the COVID-19 Relief Efforts. Contact us about our program to learn more about our efforts during this time.

Exceed Your Goals

Operational Efficiency

When you partner with Bring, you get benefits beyond cost savings. With us, you can store, manage, and fulfill your inventory from our warehouses and fulfillment centers across the United States.

Infinite Scale

Our warehouses and fulfillment centers will never run out of space. We’ll help with recommendations on how to scale your business, and we’ll even help you get it there with our dedicated onboarding team.

Lower Risk

Protecting your data and maintaining stakeholder trust is critical to your business. Bring gives you the most flexible and secure way minimize risk without compromising scale. 

Fulfillment Capabilities

E-Commerce Fulfillment

Integrate seamlessly with Shopify, Shopify Plus, Walmart, ShipStation, Amazon, or your custom software. When your customers click to buy, we start the pick, pack, and ship process.

Retail Fulfillment

Pop-ups, permanent, or third party retail. Our technology is EDI compliant to ensure we can swiftly and scalably help you get your products to where your customers want to shop.

Amazon FBA

Some of your products are selling fast on Amazon, but for those that aren’t, you might be surprised by the high storage costs. We can help you store inventory until it’s ready to be replenished in small batches.

How Fulfillment Services Work

Connect your store with Bring and we'll link it up

Store your products in fulfillment centers

Manage orders through the Bring app

Bring ships orders to your customer's door

Fulfillment Warehouse

Offer fast-shipping out of our fulfilment warehouses. You’ll be able to offer one and two-day shipping to more customers in more cities around the United States.

Seamless Integrations

Whether you have just one store or sell on multiple channels, you can connect them to Bring. With just a few clicks, you’ll seamlessly connect your online store with Bring. We are committed to being your omnichannel fulfillment partner with integrations to major e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

Inventory and Order Management

Take control and manage all your inventory. Track inbound and outbound shipments to and from your warehouses. See SKUs, descriptions, and manage your items with just a few clicks. Create order reports and have real-time visibility to manage your business operations.

It's Easy to Get Started!

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Move your items into the warehouse

Shopify + Bring Fulfillment

Bring supercharges Shopify stores like yours by seamlessly integrating a
powerful system that makes storing, fulfilling, and shipping your product a breeze.

Simple and Seamless

Integrate Shopify with Bring

Quickly and Easily integrate Bring with your Shopify store by following our onscreen instructions in less than 5 minutes!

Move your Products

We’ll set up with the best fulfillment center for you based on your needs and requirements and will recommend the best facility based on your order history. We can even take care of the transportation to move your products into its new home.

Make Happy Customers

When your Shopify store receives an order, Bring gets to work and will pick, pack, and ship your product. You can track every move we make along the way, and make your customers happy.

Services Component and Details

5 Key Components of Fulfillment Service Value

Naturally, price is important. But value is also important. If you pay a low price for lousy service, what value are you really getting? This is true in any field and e-commerce logistics is no exception.

Order fulfillment is one of the most important aspects of your business. While it’s necessary to consider budget and try to keep overhead down, pricing is only one element to consider when evaluating the value of a fulfillment provider. Since this provider will be the last to touch your orders before they are sealed and shipped, it is essential to insist on high-quality service.

Any third-party logistics provider (3PL) can pack a box. But there are many other details to consider, such as speed, packaging and accuracy. How fast do they fill orders? Even a day’s delay is a big deal to many of today’s e-commerce customers.

  • Communication​
  • Speed​
  • Presentation​
  • Technology​
  • Accuracy​

Accelerate Your Growth

2-Day Shipping

Store your product at strategically chosen facilities around the country so you can offer your customers 2-Day shipping, profitably.

Data-Driven Insights

Access insights that help you optimize your entire supply chain. From shifting consumer demands to SKU level insights.

Build your Brand

You’re in complete control. From ordering to unboxing, put a smile on your customer’s face and not just the box.

Real-Time Inventory

Bring gives you access to real-time inventory levels at all your fulfillment centers, making replenishments as easy as clicking a button.

Subscription Boxes

For all those special projects, Bring’s warehouses are certified for subscription and continuity to make your kitting custom packing simple.

Gift Messaging

Add the customer note option in Shopify, and our fulfillment center will include the message as a part of the packing slip.


Beautiful facility

Beautiful facility. Well setup and very clean. I feel comfortable with my product inventory here.

Rick W.

Cut our domestic shipping costs by 19%

We were able to expand our business and cut our domestic shipping costs by 19%. It was simple to integrate and they have great customer service.

Dan R.

Customized Fulfillment Solution

Customized fulfillment solution. Great customer service. Merchandise quality control helped with my contract jobs being sent directly to be fulfilled.

Jay E.

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